Life Advice Will Change Your Future — Most Underrated story

 Life Advice Will Change Your Future — Most Underrated article

Life Advice Will Change Your Future — Most Underrated story
 Life Advice Will Change Your Future — Most Underrated story

No matter what happens you're going to live in a beautiful state

Be yourself seduction

what the hell does that mean?

it means that you're not going to suffer it means a beautiful state is that you're going to be happy but that's only one or you're going to feel creative or you're going to be passionate or you're going to be in awe of something or you're going to feel love state that's a beautiful state

is really the core essence of who you are without fear the decision to say I am not going to suffer that if suffering arises pain is one thing suffering's another and the way you suffer is your focus on yourself right suffering comes when we obsess about

how do I give more do more share?

more create more how do we do a better job for our clients your entire life is not it's why you're prospering and you're not feeling suffering but when you do suffer and I promise you to do you correct me if I'm wrong it'll be because

you're worried about something in the future how's this going to happen will this come together suffering could be worry it could be anger could be frustration it's anything that takes you


out of a beautiful state and here's what people don't get you can end suffering by stopping focusing on yourself and focusing on something, you want to serve a greater than yourself your children your wife your mission your life you can get out

of it in an instant because the nature of the human mind is to constantly compare things life is short we don't know how short it's going to be but if you only had a week to live I bet you wouldn't allow yourself to suffer over a little crap that makes you

crazy normally I think you would probably spend time with those you love you would do what you love you take on a sunset you'd smell the air you were taking everything in those final moments that you possibly do so my thing is why to wait right why to wait why not just

decide that if I start to suffer I know the solution because suffering is me obsessing about myself here's history and one thought good times create weak people weak people create bad times bad times create strong people strong people create good times 

Be yourself seduction