3 Practices: Self-Love is the Key to Your Happiness


3 Practices Self-Love is the Key to Your Happiness
3 Practices Self-Love is the Key to Your Happiness 

3 Practices Self-Love is the Key to Your Happiness


Do you know? that

your lack of self-love is a source of

most of your problems believe it or not

and when you start loving yourself

completely your life will transform in

unimaginable ways whether you're a

teenager or an adult this article is for

you because I'm going to give you three

powerful practices to start loving

yourself more coming up

if you haven't already done so  that would be wonderful

I'm on a mission to spread these tools

on this website to as many people as

possible and as you know life can be

filled with so many challenges and

hardships and more knowledge tools and

strategies we have to help us through

those hard times the better and we never

know where someone is on their journey

what they're struggling with and

sometimes all it takes is reading one

article or one word

and it can completely change someone's

life so help me to help others by


guess what your lack of self-love is

creating and perpetuating your suffering

right now whether you're struggling in

your current job or dealing with a

difficult relationship or feeling

unmotivated tired all the time or just


the core of your problems always comes

back to your belief of not feeling good

enough it disguises itself as

procrastination or saying yes to people

in situations as a way to people, please

or constantly looking on social media to

see how many people liked your post

these are all stemming from not feeling

good enough and here's the bottom line

until you heal that part of yourself and

begin to see yourself as that worthy

an amazing human being that you are you

will continue to struggle you will

continue to suffer and you will continue

to give your power away to everything

and everyone outside of you your

the absolute most important relationship

that you will ever have in your lifetime

is the relationship you have with

yourself it's not the relationship with

your child it's not the relationship

with your partner your friends or your

parents it's how you are showing up for

yourself now there might be a part of

you that's thinking this idea is a

little selfish

that we're supposed to be there for

everyone else to help others when they

need it to be more generous kinder more

compassionate when we don't take care of

ourselves fully we can't possibly give

to others at the level that we really

want to think about it when you're

exhausted unmotivated feeling unhappy or

just feeling sad depressed or frustrated

how are you honestly showing up for

other people are you able to listen to

them fully in an intuitive empathic way

are you able to be fully excited and

joyful for your friend who's living

their dream when you feel stuck taking

really good care of yourself and

learning to love yourself actually makes

Is it possible for you to be an amazing

partner for someone else or an

incredible friend or a great sibling or

a better daughter or son we cannot give

to others unless our cup is filled all

the way up and the only way that we

start filling up our cup is through

self-love is not only about

accepting ourselves it's about

understanding ourselves at the deepest

level and nurturing all aspects of who

we are and it starts with these three

practices that I'm going to share with



first practice 

Most important is

weekly appointment self-love doesn't

just happen it has to be created we have

to mindfully carve out time for

self-reflection and the pursuit of our

goals and dreams so what does this look

like you want to start scheduling this

time with yourself every week no matter

what I recommend choosing a very special

a place where you'll have this meeting

with yourself make sure to choose a

a place that's fun but not too distracting

a place that you'll be excited to go to

each week it could be the nearest coffee

a shop that you love in the park near your

house a favorite chair where you won't

be bothered your front porch with a cup

of coffee and your favorite pastry have

fun with this and really come up with

the perfect spot for you to spend some

time with yourself and to get really

excited about it you'll want to schedule

this meeting with yourself every week at

the same time as possible it should be

at least 20 minutes more would be better

if you can obviously you can alter the

time depending on what else is going on

during the week but under no

circumstances will you allow yourself to

miss this meeting each week with


hold it in as high of a regard as you

would in a meeting with your boss or a

meeting with someone who desperately

needed your help this meeting is that

important during the meeting start

asking yourself some introspective

questions and explore the things that

give you the energy that lights you up those

things that you could talk about for

hours and hours also think about those

moments in your life where you felt the

strongest where you were your most

vulnerable moments when you listened to

your intuition and felt in alignment

with your true self the key to these

questions are to make sure that you're

asking yourself really good questions

every time you do your brain is designed

to find the answers to the questions you

ask I always tell my clients when you

stop asking your brain crappy questions

you stop getting crappy answers so make

sure the questions are geared towards

what you want more of not what you don't

have enough of asking questions like what

are some things that I can do to fill

more love towards myself or what is it

about me that I really do like or what

do I do that to make me a good friend?

stop asking yourself questions like why

can't I figure this out or why is this

so hard or why can't I lose weight those

questions do not serve you and you are

forcing your brain to come up with the

crappy answers it'll start to bring up

every other time in your life when you

felt inadequate, not smart enough not

good enough those types of questions

leave you in a negative thought loop

Second practice

That you can't get out of 

self-love practice which is to change

how you talk to yourself what you think

and say to yourself is your reality it's

your perception's how you see the

world and more times than not it's not

the truth you are co-creating every part

of your life by what you choose to think

so start completely removing criticizing

shaming words from your vocabulary when

you make a mistake next time and you

start to think thoughts like how can i

be so stupid I can't believe I did that

what's wrong with me stop yourself in

that moment by actually saying nope I'm

not doing this to myself today I make

mistakes like everyone else what can i

learn from this and move on the best way

to become fully aware of your thoughts

is to process your uncomfortable

emotions this is the most important tool

that you can learn and I teach it to

every one of my client's processing

through your emotions the right way

leads you back to identifying the

thoughts that created the emotions in

In the first place, this is the key if you

want to start creating your thoughts to

more supportive loving thoughts that

serve your highest good 

remember the majority of our negative

thoughts stem from the belief that we

think we're not good enough which is a

lack of self-love so 


Third practice

Is actively deciding to believe that

your worth has nothing to do with how

much you achieve or even what you

achieve your worth has already been

decided for you the simple fact that you

are here on this earth makes you worthy

you come into this world with the unique

combination of personality gifts

strengths talent abilities intuition and

you are here to share who you are with

the rest of us practice getting in touch

with your true self the part of you that

knows that you're full of potential that

you are here to impact those you come in

contact with remember you're not your


you're not your emotions

you're not your behavior the real you is

the one who can observe what you're


observe how you're feeling and evaluate

your behavior so practice saying a

loving supportive mantra to yourself

every time you look in the mirror and

every time you think about yourself just

make sure it's a mantra that you truly

believe and you may have to start off

with one that's a little more neutral

and work towards a positive one so

instead of starting off by saying i

love myself say something like I'm

working on being the best version of me

or I'm choosing to make my relationship

For myself, priority self-love is a

muscle for it to grow and expand we have

to work on it deliberately and these

three self-love practices will help you

start that process if you'd like more

help in your self-love journey just

you have some great tools and strategies to

make the process a little easier 

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