Motivated Fit to Getting the best Dream Body


Motivated Fit to Getting the best Dream Body
Motivated Fit to Getting the best Dream Body  

Motivated Fit: How You Can Get Your Dream Body Without Struggling In Just 9 Weeks

Motivated Fit:

Struggling to find the motivation to work out? Motivated Fit is a fitness program created by a group of trainers, athletes, and dieticians who know what it takes to get an amazing body. The program is designed for busy people who have no time for long gym visits or complicated workout programs.

If you want to get your dream body without struggling, then you need to check out Motivated Fit. This program is designed to help you get in shape quickly and easily, without having to put in a lot of effort.

The program includes a fitness tracker that will help you stay on track with your workout goals, and it also includes a meal plan so that you can eat healthy and nutritious meals.

Motivated Fit is a great way to get your body into shape without struggling. The program is easy to follow and it doesn’t take long to see results. So if you’re looking for a way to get your dream body without struggling, then be sure to check out Motivated Fit.

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Week 1: Cardio

If you want to get in shape and have a great body, cardio is the way to go. Cardio exercises help to tone your muscles, improve your endurance, and burn calories.

There are many different types of cardio exercises that you can do, and it is important to find one that you enjoy. Some popular options include running, swimming, cycling, and elliptical training.

You don’t have to do intense cardio exercises every day to see results. Just 30 minutes of moderate cardio 3-5 times per week can make a big difference.

If you are new to cardio, start with something simple like walking or jogging. Once you are comfortable with those exercises, you can move on to more challenging options.

Remember, the key to getting results is consistency. So find a type of cardio that you enjoy and stick with it!

Week 2: Strength Training

Now that you’ve completed your first week of cardio workouts, it’s time to move on to strength training. Strength training is an important part of any fitness routine because it helps to build muscle and improve bone density.

There are many different ways to strength train. You can lift weights, use resistance bands, or do bodyweight exercises. It’s important to find a method of strength training that you enjoy so that you will stick with it.

Start by doing 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of exercises that work all of the major muscle groups. These include the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core. As you get stronger, you can add more sets and reps.

It’s also important to give your muscles time to recover between workouts. This means that you should strength train 2-3 times per week with at least one day of rest in between.

If you want to see results quickly, Motivated Fit’s 4-week strength training program is perfect for you! This program includes detailed workout plans and exercise videos so that you can get the most out of your workouts.

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Week 3: Rest and Recovery

After a few weeks of hard work, it's important to take some time to rest and recover. This doesn't mean that you should stop working out altogether, but you should focus on lower-intensity workouts and give your body time to heal.

One of the best ways to recover from a strenuous workout is to take a hot bath or shower. The heat will help to relax your muscles and reduce any inflammation.

You should also make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods and drink lots of water. This will help your body to repair any damage that has been done and to replenish its energy reserves.

Finally, make sure to get plenty of sleep. This will allow your body to fully recover from your workouts and be ready for another week of hard work!

Week 4: Cardio and Strength Training

Week four is all about cardio and strength training!

 Cardio exercises are great for your heart health and can help to burn calories. Try to do 30 minutes of cardio at least three times a week.

 Strength training is important for building muscle and improving your overall fitness. Try to do strength-training exercises at least twice a week.


 Start off by doing simple exercises that you can do at home or at the gym. As you get stronger, you can add more challenging exercises to your routine.


 Remember to warm up before you start any type of exercise and cool down afterward. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.


 If you stick to this plan, you will see results in just a few weeks!

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Week 5: Plyometrics for Maximize Results

Plyometrics is a type of exercise that uses explosive movements to help build muscle and improve athletic performance.

Plyometric exercises can be done with or without equipment. If you are using equipment, make sure to use the proper weight for your body type and fitness level.

Start by doing one set of 10 reps for each exercise. As you get stronger, you can increase the number of sets and reps.

Plyometric exercises can be intense, so make sure to warm up before starting your workout. cool down after your workout to help reduce soreness and injuries.

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Week 6: Rest and Recovery

You've worked hard for the past 5 weeks, and you deserve a break! This week, focus on resting and recovering from all of your hard work.

Your body needs time to recover from intense exercise, and this is especially true if you've been pushing yourself really hard. Exercise can cause microscopic tears in your muscles, and your body needs time to repair those tears.

That doesn't mean that you should take the week off completely. You can still stay active but focus on lower-intensity activities like walking, yoga, or light stretching.

This is also a great week to focus on other aspects of your health, like getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods. All of these things will help your body recover from exercise and be ready to hit it hard again next week!

Week 7: Strength Training     Rest Day of Activity

Now that you've been Consistently Active for 7 weeks, it's time to start strength training! 

Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Choose a day of the week to be your strength training day. This can be any day that works for you, but it's important to be consistent.

2. Start with simple exercises that don't require any equipment. bodyweight squats, push-ups, and sit-ups are all great exercises to start with.

3. Once you're comfortable with those exercises, you can move on to more challenging exercises that require weights or other equipment.

4. Don't forget to warm up before you start strength training. A simple warm-up routine of 5-10 minutes of light cardio will do the trick.

5. Strength train for 20-30 minutes on your chosen day. This doesn't have to be one continuous session - you can break it up into shorter periods if necessary.

6. Make sure to cool down after your workout with some light stretching or walking.

7. Repeat this process every week and you'll see amazing results in just a few short weeks!

Week 8: Rest and Recovery

Congratulations on making it to week 8 of your fitness journey! This week, we're going to focus on rest and recovery.

It's important to take a break from working out every now and then, so your body can repair itself and grow stronger. When you're taking a break from working out, make sure to still eat healthily and stay active so you don't undo all of your progress.


There are a few different ways you can recover from a workout:

- Get plenty of sleep: Sleep is when your body repairs itself, so make sure you're getting enough (aim for at least 8 hours a night).

- Eat healthy: Eating nutritious foods helps your body recover from workouts and grow stronger.

- Stay active: Taking a complete break from exercise can actually set you back, so try to do some light activity even when you're not working out (e.g., take a brisk walk).

By following these tips, you'll be able to recover quickly and efficiently so you can get back to reaching your fitness goals!

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